My name is Ewa Zwolińska. I was born in 1981 in Poland, Warsaw.
I am a visual artist graduated in the Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw and Accademia di Belle Arti in Carrara, Italy. 
I have run my own design brand since 2010. I work in fashion, textile, and surface pattern design.

I am a professional designer with a big experience and head bursting with ideas. I do love my profession and feel dedicated to create beautiful things. I perceive the world through colors, textures, and shapes.

I draw inspiration from nature and everyday life. I collate shapes, colors, features and try to put it into a design language. My favorite drawing technique is watercolor and ink. 

I had a great opportunity to work with many international clients from the fashion and design industry. I have designed apparel, textiles, and home decor collections. I have worked with companies and brands as well as with many individual clients.




Bloom Boutique/ Mobo/ Piece of K8/ Royal Collection - Poland

Codimu - Denamrk

La Ventana Boutique - Kuwait

LUI'S/  Jill Green/ Kiss the Inui/ Medea/ Orchid Woman/ L'uomo Bellissima/ Rauch&Groen- Germany

Salon Europa - Spain, Germany


Mnishkha/ Lemon Fashion- Poland

Fresh Picked from Poland- USA

Rita No Store - Portugal


Opoczno, Cersanit - Poland